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Happy children make a better world

Our goal is to turn every organisation into a child friendly environment. We strive to create a better world by giving children the chance to remain a child for as long as possible.

Get inspired.

Icona del settore della vendita al dettaglio | IKC giocano agli angoli
Vendita al dettaglio
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Icona del settore sanitario | IKC giocano agli angoli
Assistenza sanitaria
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Icona del settore dei progettisti di progetto | IKC giocano agli angoli
Arredatori d'interni
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Icona del settore dell'infanzia | IKC giocano agli angoli
Servizi per l’infanzia
Play area day care centres | IKC
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Icona del settore dell'ospitalità | IKC giocano agli angoli
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Icona del settore ricreativo | IKC giocano agli angoli
Area giochi per bambini in stile Borussia Dortmund
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The advantages of a kids' corner in your sector

When children enjoy themselves, parents can focus on your products or advice, will stay longer, spend more and come back more often. Download a brochure to discover more about the advantages of a kids’ corner in your sector.